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Friday, July 24


So, the other day, I installed the CPU onto the new motherboard. Then the heat sink and RAM and I hit a standstill. My limited knowledge was limited. So, Tom comes over and the extra fans, the motherboard, wires, and more wires go in to the case. Then we're done.

Windows installation crashes. On the second attempt, it tells us we have the wrong type of hard drive. We format and it's still wrong. There is the option to delete the drive. This makes no sense, but we do it. It deletes the partition. We make a new one and all is good.

Hours later, after Tom and Teri have left, I get on the computer and there's no internet. No network at all. It says my network card it claims is a Realtek has no driver. My Elitegroup motherboard, with the network adapter on board, has a driver. Though Vista is right. I does not have a Realtek driver.

That's where I stand. I downloaded a driver from Elitegroup at work and we'll see what happens.

The old computer which is 40 feet from the router is working fine.

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