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Tuesday, July 28

Blogroll Tuesday?

I've become active in an online writers support forum. Wow, that sounds like such a confession. In any case, in the young adult area they have Blogroll Tuesday where you post part of your work in progress on your blog and link to it.

And, no, I'm not skulking amongst teens. I'm skulking amongst adults, writing a post-apocalyptic teen romance . My first book could never sell. This was designed to maybe sell.

  • Everett is a 17 year old who has survived two years in a world with no plants or animals.
  • Raging is caused if you are touched by the rain. You will rip yourself apart and attack anyone nearby.
  • Iris is a dog, Everett's only family.
From yesterday's [rough draft] writing:
Between Turrell and Gilmore, at a convoluted exit ramp system, a man stood in the path of Everett's truck, waving his arms.

Everett, still traveling only thirty miles per hour, stared at the man not knowing what to do. The man was clearly yelling at him, but showed no signs of raging.

Everett changed lanes to avoid him. The man moved over. Everett started changing back. The man shuffled back into the other lane, all along shouting and waving.

Scooting over in his seat, Everett took the pistol from its cubby in the dash. He stuck it outside the open window and aimed it in the man's general direction.

Everett moved to the side the man wasn't in. The man stayed put but still shouted and waved.

As the truck passed, Everett heard the man yell, "Help! Stop! I'm alone! If you..."

In his rearview mirror, Everett watched the man cover his face with both hands and shake.

Glancing at Iris who stared at him, Everett said, "He would have killed us. He was probably part of a group or something. Ambush, ya know." He nodded, trying to convince himself.


  1. I like the idea of this book! I love dystopian novels. :) Nice teaser! Can't wait to read more!

  2. This sounds so interesting! I can't wait to read more!

  3. Wow, this sounds like an awesome concept! Great teaser. :D

  4. Great teaser!
    Sounds very interesting
    Well done!

    Amna (Geekpride)

  5. Welcome to YA @ AW :) We're happy to have you!

    Great teaser, you have piqued my interest :) I wanna know what's up with Evert and his world :)