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Friday, July 17

Scorpio and the Haters: Not in That Order

RE: Haters
Friend-of-a-friend woman has taught her four-year-old daughter our current president is evil and kills babies. However, she has made racist remarks before his election. You do the math.

Re: Scorpio
We bought a new computer today. The case is a Raidmax Scorpio, hence the title. I bought an AMD motherboard and CPU, both "Black Edition," whatever that means. The motherboard's RAM, which I only ordered four gigs, can be expanded to 32 gigs. I picked up another Microsoft Natural Keyboard, the third in the family, and a seven-button OCZ mouse. The rest is cables and fans. My wife gets a wireless network blob for getting on the internet from the rec room.

The old computer, where I'm typing, as well as the 9x7 foot L-shaped desk, will be heading to the rec room. I've sawed the bottom 4.5 inches off two base cabinets, the bottom of my eight-foot built-in desk. My wife is leaning for me to choose a stock counter top, and I might, but I may want a custom top, though it can double the price.

"No one ever regretted buying a boring counter top." - Some Smart Fellow

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